Information Disclosure for Guests of Windsong

The Windsong Townhomes make up a private, residential planned community.  While some Windsong Owners have chosen to share the beauty, tranquility and amenities of their home with paying guests, Windsong is not an extension of nor is it owned by any Lodge, Hotel, Resort or other Commercial or Business Operation.

All guests at Windsong are subject to the Windsong Cottages Association Governing Documents (Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and also include various rules and regulations promulgated under these documents by the Association and its Board of Directors). For your convenience, some key rules are summarized below.

Parking and Vehicle Operation Rules and Enforcement

1.       Parking is permitted only directly in front of the unit owned/leased/being visited or in the guest parking areas (by pool building and the upper lot). Improperly parked vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

2.       Parking is prohibited on all non-asphalt surfaces except in areas designated for trailer parking. Vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles and trailers parked in prohibited areas will be towed at the vehicle/trailer owner’s expense.

3.       Trailer parking is permitted only in the areas designated for trailer parking. Allowance is made for unload/load at the start/end of a stay and for commercial delivery vehicles. Trailers parked in all other areas will be towed at the trailer owner’s expense.

4.       Parking of any vehicle or trailer is prohibited at all times on the entrance roads and fire lanes. Vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles and trailers parked in prohibited areas will be towed at the vehicle/trailer owner’s expense and the vehicle owner subject to citation by law enforcement.

5.       Operation of Snowmobiles or ATVs is prohibited throughout the Windsong property except they may be driven to depart or return from/to the trailer parking area en route to the trail system. They may not be driven up to any unit or building. Violation will result in a monetary assessments per occurrence. Allowance is made for emergency vehicles.

6.       Please exercise caution when driving at Windsong… 10MPH at all times.  There are hills, limited visibility on turns and many children using the pool and paved areas.  

Fire Pit

Use only the wood located near the pit. All fires must be extinguished no later than 10 pm and no fire shall be left burning if an adult is not present. Extinguish by using the water hose to flood the pit. The pit may be closed (sign will be posted) during periods of high brush fire risk. Any fires during such closures will subject violators to legal action.


The use of charcoal burning grills on decks or other wooden surfaces is prohibited. Propane gas grills in use on decks must be 18”-24” from deck railings and from the walls of the building and attended by an adult at all times. Charcoal grills are available at the patio behind the pool building.

Noise Levels

No music player or other audible device may be used on the deck of any unit, in the pool building, or elsewhere in the common area. Music and conversation heard beyond the unit’s deck must be avoided so that all may enjoy Windsong’s serenity. Remember: one person’s music is another’s noise.

Refuse Disposal 

Trash or other waste shall be disposed of in the dumpster in the shed (across from pool building). Trash shall not be placed outside the unit as it will attract wild animals.

Wild Animals

There are a variety of wild animals, large and small, on Windsong property, and while generally not a threat to humans unless disturbed, feeding is not permitted. Food should not be left in chests outside the unit as it likely will attract animals.

Pool Hours and Sauna Hours

The pool is available for use Memorial Weekend through New Year’s holiday, and open from 8 am to 10 pm; no exceptions. An access card should have been provided to you by the owner or your rental agent. The building is open year round for use of the sauna. No Lifeguard is ever on duty. Children must always be supervised by an adult.